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In the realm of web hosting, managed dedicated servers stand out as a powerful solution for businesses and individuals with specific requirements for performance, security, and control. Let’s delve into what exactly managed dedicated servers are and why they’re essential for various online endeavors.

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What we use

Amazon Webservices
Google Cloud

Starting from 99,95 euros per month

SaEX44 - Intel® Core™ i5-13500

99,95 / Month
  • CPU's Intel® Core™ i5-13500
  • RAM 64 GB DDR4
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Bandwidth 1 GBit/s guaranteed

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Why choose our managed dedicated servers

Expert Support

Managed dedicated server hosting typically comes with round-the-clock support from experienced professionals. This means you have a team of experts available to assist you with any technical issues or questions that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime and quick resolution of problems.

Enhanced Security

Managed hosting providers often implement robust security measures to protect your server and data from cyber threats. This can include firewall configurations, regular security audits, DDoS protection, and malware scanning, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your website or application is secure.

Time and Resource Savings

By opting for managed hosting, you can offload the day-to-day management and maintenance tasks to the hosting provider's team. This frees up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business, such as growth strategies and development initiatives.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

Managed hosting providers often offer comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your data in the event of hardware failures, data corruption, or other unforeseen circumstances. This ensures that your data remains safe and accessible at all times.

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